Thursday, July 28, 2011

Masterpiece Created in 30 Minutes by 5 and 6-year-olds

Don't ever think that you can't do art.  Look what a tour of the store for local Tempe Christian Preschool turned into!  We walked the store, shopped for our "ingredients" and then made our masterpiece.  All it took was 30 minutes, 15 happy kids and the tiniest bit of guidance. We even managed to keep paint off our clothes.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In the Community this Week - "Art A Gogh Gogh"

Art A Gogh Gogh.  A Gala of Live Art & Music Presented by Media Tempe! Families Welcome with Activities for Kids & Raffles for Prizes!

With Resident Artists:
- Charles Wilkins
- Matt Crux
- JonDo Fett
- Steve Caballero
- Since Day One
- James B. Hunt
- Jules Demetrius
- Kyle Nash
Special Appearance By Salty!
Graffiti Art feat. Dwayno Insano & Crew!
Birthday Bash for Our Very Own

Matt "Supa" Vaiza of Clan/Destine!
With Hip-Hop on the inside stage Featuring:
- Foundation Beats (Of The Insects & Drunken Immortals, Beats for Murs & Afro Classics)
- The S.H.i.T.
- The Showguns
- Plot Lines

Performances by:
- Jamie Alimorad
- Belly Dancing by Ava's Opal Collective
- Fire Spinning & Graffiti Artists

Friday July 29th at the Sail Inn
26 S Farmer Ave
Tempe, AZ

Door @ 7pm. $8 gets you in the Door.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Visited the MAC today!

There are a few exibits worth seeing at the Mesa Contemporary Art Museum at the Mesa Art Center museum right now...and they are FREE.  Donations are appreciated, of course.
"Chicanitas" is a collection that belongs to the actor, Cheech Marin.  All the canvases are small, but they are huge in talent.  Also featured is a video interview with the actor, which, at 11 minutes, tells so much.
Get over there and check it out!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sandra Wilderman Demonstration

Sandra Wilderman demonstrated her "poured watercolor" techniques today, to a very decent turnout, I might add.  She encouraged her audience to participate in dipping the sheets in to tubs of water.

You should get involved, too, by signing up for one of her upcoming classes!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Until August 15th, come in and bid on the following six items:

Sanyi Easel--valued at $2097.38--opening bid: $450

Sanyi Taboret--valued at $1049.99--opening bid: $300

Oil Painter's Collection--valued at $457--opening bid: $140

Acrylic Painter's Collection--valued at $330--opening bid: $100

Air Brush Collection--valued at $522--opening bid: $150

Pastel Artist's Collection--valued at $535--opening bid: $150

Oil, Acrylic, Air Brush and Pastel Collection values are based on current sale prices, so retail value is much higher!!   And plan to visit often to update your bid!
We have been meaning to get this blog started for years...
...Well, here we are.  And here we go!  If you were hoping for more, then please stay tuned.  It will beef up before you know it.